Gaming with a keyboard is fun, but using your webcam makes it even better.

In this article, I will accompany you through how you can make your own AI-powered game.

Project Demo

As usual, we will apply the divide-and-conquer concept to create our system. Basically, we will need to break down our dilemma (create an AI-powered game) into lighter sub-obstacles. I got up with the successive obstacle set:

  1. We need a game
  2. Since we are accepting a webcam, we require a medium that facilitates us to pick up our hand movements
  3. After we pick up our hand actions, we require an instrument that labels the actions into some sort of logic
  4. Last, we require a controller…

What is Code Analyzer ?

This is basically a sort of framework that clones a repo from GitHub and tests the code within it and returns the time and space used by the code. The code in the repo should be in a particular format i.e the code should be written in file , The code to be analyzed should be written inside class name called Testing and should contain code within setup function with params as parameters to the function.

Motivation: As I was searching for a tool that analyzes a particular format of python codes and return…

Artificial Intelligence is such a broad term that people struggle to know the starting point. I remember myself being there . Getting the concept of what is Artificial Intelligence , what is Machine Learning , what is Deep Learning and what is Reinforcement Learning were the few challenges I faced. All I had back then were knowledge of few programming languages and curiosity to explore.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It’s kind of nothing but a term used to define a branch of computer science which explains simulation of intelligence by machines.

What Is Machine Learning ?

Before getting into machine learning let’s focus on traditional programming. So in traditional…

Sabin Sharma

Life is like gradient .. learn calculate update

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