Event Driven Simulation(Since This Platform Only Supports GIF So Some Frames are skipped and simulation is not smooth as expected)

Evolution Process In Conway’s Game Of Life

Barns ley Fern

Gaming with a keyboard is fun, but using your webcam makes it even better.

Project Demo
  1. We need a game
  2. Since we are accepting a webcam, we require a medium that facilitates us to pick up our hand movements
  3. After we pick up our hand actions, we require an instrument that labels the actions into some sort of logic
  4. Last, we require a controller…

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It’s kind of nothing but a term used to define a branch of computer science which explains simulation of intelligence by machines.

What Is Machine Learning ?

Before getting into machine learning let’s focus on traditional programming. So in traditional…

Sabin Sharma

Life is like gradient .. learn calculate update

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